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The Yucatan peninsula is arguably one of the most enchanting places anywhere in the world, with fascinating cultural history and incredible natural beauty and biodiversity, all in a very compact area. If you are visiting us, you probably would like to explore its natural or cultural treasures.

Our Team


Adrian Perez

General Manager & Certified Guide

It is our joy to share with discerning visitors our passion and knowledge for this land and to let you discover some of its best- and lesser-known corners, enhancing your appreciation of some of the most precious natural wonders and archeological sites on our planet.

We will ensure that your moments with us will be among the most unforgettable of your visit to the Riviera Maya, not only because you will have a wonderful time, but also because you should be able to say at the end of a day with our guides that you also learned something new, understood just a little better the amazing Maya civilization, or how the mangroves work, or perhaps what’s the importance of the coral reefs to the world, to name but a few of the topics we cover on our tours.

Our ultimate goal is to stimulate you in deciphering with our highly knowledgeable guides the obvious or more subtle clues of the physical environment and how they have impacted the vegetation, animal life and the human societies which flourished on its soil, from the ancient Maya, the Mayan communities and today’s Riviera Maya.

If you want to know why the Yucatan looks as it does, why the Maya attained the grandeur they did in astronomy or architecture, or perhaps why the beaches of Tulum are the widest in the region and arguably among the most beautiful in the world, all while you are having the time of your life, then be our guest.


This is the “conciencia” part of our mission, and we are proud of it. We are also proud of our friendly and genuine hospitality. Furthermore we truly hope that at the end of your day’s visit with us, you’ll also be our friend.

We offer a wide variety of tours, all in small groups or private groups, and ranging from day trips to spectacular Chichen Itza, to diving in the corals and the cenotes, to bird watching on a canoe. We also offer personalized tours to correspond precisely to the desires of our guests, at prices competing with much larger operators.

As our prospective guests, you can also design your day, so that you experience and learn what interests you the most. We can offer our excursions in your mother tongue if it is English, French or Spanish. We can also provide our services in other languages, upon prior arrangement.

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